Diversity, Otherness and Privilege – a conversation guide

We are delighted to be able to offer a new booklet entitled Diversity, Otherness and Privilege – a guide for conversation. We’ve designed this short booklet to help small groups gather to listen to each other and build understanding and community. It is a starting point from which we can explore our own identities and those of others, and how these are socially, culturally and even religiously constructed. We can then think about how aspects of our identity are interwoven and how we might experience disadvantage or advantage in various ways. Understanding others and ourselves helps build hospitable communities.

What we think and what we do when we notice difference, and when we experience difference, is the subject of this resource.

The booklet contains short descriptions of ‘diversity’, ‘otherness’ and ‘privilege’, and each is followed by three discussion questions to help explore how these terms connect with our experiences and our faith traditions or world-views.

The booklet builds on the work of SWF researcher Ermal Kirby on cultural diversity and also includes the diagrams that he developed from work with the Zebra Project in east London. The diagrams provide visual models of how we interact with those who are different. The booklet can be used to facilitate discussion on any and all kinds of diversity, and to examine both the associated power dynamics and potential richness. A number of recommended resources are also included, along with space for notes.

The booklet is accompanied by a Facilitator Guide, Handout of the six models, and Powerpoint, downloadable from our website, which contains tips and suggestions for running a small group series using the booklet. In addition, watch this video from Emma Pavey on compassionate listening practices.

If you would like to use this resource with a small group, contact us for booklets.

Please note we are only able to post booklets within the UK.