SWF becomes ‘DefaultVeg’

The Susanna Wesley Foundation has adopted a ‘default veg’ policy, whereby vegetarian food will be offered by default at catered events, with meat available if requested.

‘Default Veg’ is an initiative by CreatureKind. As they state on their website, “Reducing consumption of animal products has a wide range of benefits. For the environment, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. For animals, it reduces the demand for farmed animals, so fewer are drawn into intensive systems. For humans, it improves food and water security, contributes to healthier diets with lower disease risks, reduces the problem of growing antibiotic resistance, and reduces the risk of new zoonotic diseases such as swine flu and bird flu.”

For more information on the #DefaultVeg initiative, as well as resources and church courses, visit the DefaultVeg and CreatureKind websites.