SWF Annual Conference: Leaderful Church?, Wed 13 June, 2018

This conference is for anyone who is concerned with the practice of leadership, how and what it might contribute to the future of our churches. The event does not start from the position that leadership is a panacea – that all our problems would melt away if only the churches were blessed with good, strong leaders. And our focus is not on ‘leaders’ but on ‘leading’: the conference will explore what leading means and enables, and whom it involves.

A leaderful perspective would argue for a dynamic, collaborative, inclusive process in which all participate both concurrently and collectively – because good leading involves a range of contributions from different people, each doing what they do best. The chief protagonist for ‘Leaderful Church?’ will be David Sims, Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Cass Business School and author of the recently published book ‘Leading by Story: Rethinking Church Leadership’.

The conference will involve short presentations, panel discussion and interviews, interspersed with conversations in small groups and in plenary. Opportunities to contemplate what leading means in different contexts and the implications for practice of different approaches will be integral to the event.

Wednesday 13th June, 2018

Coffee 9.30am for a start at 10am. The conference will conclude at 4.30pm followed by free drinks.

Registration has closed but if you are interested in accessing resources that arise out of the conference, please contact us via the website in order to be placed on our newsletter email list.