SWF Annual Conference 2020

*Unfortunately we have had to cancel this event due to coronavirus precautions. We will continue to consider the theme of flourishing in our work this year*

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The Susanna Wesley Foundation Annual Conference was due to be held on Tuesday 16th June, 2020 at Southlands College, University of Roehampton, London.

The theme, which we will continue to explore, is ‘Flourishing: Life in all its Fullness’, and as is customary for our work, we will offer a blend of the academic and the ‘practical’, provide opportunity for conversation and participation, and cross disciplinary boundaries.

Our understanding of ‘flourishing’ embraces the notion that to flourish as human beings means being able to exercise our God-given characteristics and gifts for the common good: it is about being inter-connected, relational, creative and productive, with an identity that is shaped by being made, inherently and continually, in the image of God.

Our work will reflect this understanding and explore inclusion and community flourishing, older age, Celtic Christianity, and flourishing in ministry, amongst other areas.

Our work will be relevant to both lay and ordained, academics and practitioners, Methodists and non-Methodists.

Keep in touch to find out more.