Online course – Changing Church

Changing Church: Understanding Church Practices

11 Nov – 20 December, online course through Catherine of Siena College in conjunction with the Susanna Wesley Foundation

Facilitated by Janice Price

Engaging constructively in order to effect desired change has become an issue of enormous importance for all organisations. Churches – institutions whose purpose is transformation – are no exception. This course will look at various models and approaches to change, uncovering key ideas, underlying assumptions and practical implications, while acknowledging that churches have particular theological and ecclesiological characteristics which may complicate attempts to apply models from other contexts. Students will consider what change might mean in the context of Church, the forces and triggers for change, and how to create the conditions for engagement as well as ways of working with responses to change.

The course will identify different models and approaches which may have relevance. Factors such as organisational culture, organisational structure, patterns of power and politics, and leadership behaviours and their implications for the change process will be considered. Students will have opportunities to consider the impetus and requirement for change within their own contexts and the inhibiting and facilitating factors, and will reflect theologically on both their personal and organisational experience of being involved in change within different contexts. They will consider what styles and skills of leadership will be helpful, assessing their own capabilities and capacities. Using the theological resource of the story of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land and a range of case studies, drawn mainly, but not exclusively, from the Methodist Church, students will be helped to apply different models and approaches.

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