Light in the Darkness – lecture and panel at Heythrop College

Light in the Darkness: commemorating 75 years of Divino Afflante Spiritu

Thursday, May 24th, 6pm, Heythrop College, London

What has been the enduring impact of Pope Pius XII’s wartime encyclical on biblical studies? How does study of the Bible inform the life of the Church today?

In September 1943, as the Second World War continued to rage, Pope Pius XII issued an encyclical promoting biblical studies entitled Divino Afflante Spiritu (‘Inspired by the Divine Spirit’). The encyclical encouraged Catholic exegetes to study the scriptures in their original languages and contexts, using historical, literary, and archaeological approaches.

This commemorative lecture and panel discussion reflects upon Divino Afflante Spiritu in its original wartime setting and considers its impact on how the Bible is studied in the Church today.

Keynote Speaker: Fr Levente Balazs Martos (Prefect of Studies at Gyor Theological College in Hungary, and a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission).

Panel: Fr Levente Balazs Martos, Dr Sean Ryan (Heythrop College), Dr Jennifer Dines (Cambridge) and Fleur Dorrell (Catholic Bishops’ Conference & Bible Society).

Free Public Event with Refreshments Provided. Book here