Planting hope at the University of Roehampton

The Susanna Wesley Foundation office is located at Southlands College, the Methodist college at the University of Roehampton. During Freshers’ Week this September we had the chance to engage with our university community in a number of ways.

Our conversation guide ‘Diversity, Otherness and Privilege’ was used for university-wide ‘Flat rep’ training, helping students think about inclusivity and community in their flats, as they wrote ‘pledges‘. The guide is ideal for this kind of training within church and educational settings. Let us know if you would like us to help you facilitate sessions using this booklet and check out the accompanying resources that also assist in planning how to use it to full advantage.

We also had the chance to provide new students with plants for their rooms. A perk of having a very hot, sunny office is that our office plants love it! We ended up with many spider plant cuttings which Roehampton Chaplaincy’s Muslim Chaplain Sabiha Iqbal and SWF’s Emma Pavey helped students to pot up, to make their rooms a home.