‘Like gold dust’ – Church Consult initiative

Group of 20 people wearing name tags

An engaging space to reimagine the present and step into the future.

Church Consult is a new initiative facilitated by the Susanna Wesley Foundation; through three one-day workshops it provided a forum for discussion and support around how churches can engage with their community. The first group of participants concluded their third meeting in Birmingham earlier this year, and provided valuable positive feedback to guide further development of this programme.

Participants came from Methodist and Anglican churches all over the country, from both urban and rural contexts. With facilitators Sue Miller, Chris Baker, Nigel Rooms, Rosy Fairhurst and Keith Elford, they explored issues including the post-secular context, missional approaches, and systems approaches to change. Participants and facilitators listened to each other’s stories, learned about frameworks to guide their thinking, and shared together about both the challenges and hopes of their ministries.

Here’s more of what the participants had to say about the Church Consult programme:

It was an open, safe space in which to consider theologically some of our struggles in Church ministry with a pleasingly mixed group of clergy, steered by a group of expert facilitators.

An encouraging and challenging day with fellow travellers exploring what church leadership is for.

It helped me to think more deeply and widely about the issues emerging and about the complexities of the context in which I minister.

A good opportunity to step out of circuit and reflect on practice with input from experts on specialised areas.

A thoughtful and mind-stretching experience with fellow theological practitioners

An organisation and programme that is well run and inspiring

Three days stepping out of the usual to consider the different, with others who seek to bring God’s kingdom to the local.

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