We are a community of scholarship which aims to equip churches and those who work in them. The Foundation promotes dialogue, research and innovation of practical relevance to churches and faith communities.

Creating and promoting opportunities for research, enquiry and dialogue around questions of management, leadership and organisation in the context of faith communities and religious institutions.

The work of the Foundation focuses on four overlapping themes:

Learning for management, leadership and ministry.
Exploring the processes of equipping people for ministry and leadership in churches and faith communities, both lay and ordained.

Work, life and identity in ministry.
Exploring ways in which those called to roles in churches shape their contributions and how this work impacts on identity and well-being.

Diversity in leadership and ministry.
Exploring issues around difference, inclusion and participation in relation to leadership and ministry in churches and faith communities.

Governance, management and organisation in churches.
Exploring structures, systems, decision-making and transformative change processes within churches and faith communities.

We encourage conversation and dialogue.
We value interdisciplinary study.
We promote action research.
We understand learning as a social process and organisations as complex systems.

Our agenda is transformation.