Professor Veronica Hope Hailey on learning to trust
Revd Dr Justin Lewis-Anthony on leadership and authority
Professor Chris Mabey on his new book - Developing Leadership
New book on developing leadership - SAGE Publications Ltd
Vaughan S. Roberts on organisational stories in cathedrals.

Faith in the future: organisation, power and trust – MODEM’s 2015 conference

MODEM’S 2015 conference was held at Sarum College on 3/4 December. Some 40 delegates heard keynote talks from Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Dean of the School of Management at the University of Bath on Faith in the future – learning to trust, and Revd Dr Justin Lewis-Anthony, Associate Dean of Students at Virginia Theological Seminary in the USA on Faith in the future – power, authority and clerical confidence.

Six further presentations were given by delegates on the following issues:

i) Organisation, power and trust in the workplace: a case study – John Kimberley
ii) Trust as an emergent property – Tim Harle
iii) Nurtured at MODEM, the case of the ‘Developing Leadership’ book – Chris Mabey
iv) Broadcasting the good news – Peter Blackman (Save our BBC campaign)
v) A narrative approach to Cathedral ministry – Vaughan S. Roberts
vi) What makes mobility problematic for clergy? – Christine Blackie

There were also many informal conversations contributing to a stimulating event.